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What we do

Built-to-Order Custom Acoustic Guitars

Steel String

Secrist Steel String models feature all solid wood tops, back, sides, and bindings, forward X scalloped top bracing, and are finished with high gloss nitrocellulose lacquer. Body styles include dreadnought, OOO/OM, Jumbo. and a concert jumbo guitar (smaller than the regular jumbo). Custom fingerboard widths are available.  All models come in cut-away or non cut-away styles.

Nylon String Hybrid

Secrist Nylon String hybrid guitars feature a all solid wood tops, back, sides and bindings, the classical style look, fan top bracing, a narrower neck for folk and fingerstyle playing, and are finished with high gloss nitrocellulose lacquer. Nylon hybrids come in cut-away or non cut-away styles.


Secrist Classical guitars feature all solid wood tops, back, sides and bindings, fan pattern top bracing, standard classical neck width, slotted headstock, and a French polish finish.


Secrist Guitars are one-of-a-kind solid-wood instruments, built to your specifications, and constructed from some of the most precious woods on earth.



Secrist Guitars are handcrafted with precision to produce a quality instrument that maintains a delicate balance of structural integrity and optimal tonal performance.


Beauty and Playability

Secrist Guitars are handcrafted with careful attention to detail to create a balanced tonal instrument that is both beautiful and enjoyable to play. 


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“Being a musician and having worked at a music store for years, I know what a quality instrument plays and sounds like.  The finish and sound of a Secrist Guitar are as good as or better than any high end Martin, Taylor, or other brand sold in the music store.  I haven’t heard any instrument with a richer, fuller sound. – Jefferson Worden

“North Odgen, Utah guitar maker, Phil Secrist, is a rare and soon-to-be “discovered” talent.  An accomplished musician with a perceptive “ear”, Phil sets the highest expectations for both the tactile and the tonal qualities of his instruments.  Couple this with his artisan’s knowledge, sensitivity, and attention to detail and I assure you that when you play one of Phil’s guitars, you’ll know you’re playing a true work of art.  Phil is destined to become one of the most sought-after luthiers in the business, and I’m just glad I found him before the rest of the world does!” – Todd Oldroyd

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Over 15 Years of Experience


About Me

Providing the Highest Quality 

I began Secrist Guitar in 2004. I am a player and have loved the beauty and sound of the guitar since a very early age.  That love of playing eventually lead me to want to learn how to build guitars. My joy for the building process, a good ear for tone, and my perfectionist focus on attention to detail are some of the characteristics I employ in building one-of-a kind instruments.

For me, guitar making is an expression of both my creativity and love for the instrument and therefore I put my best into every Secrist guitar. Each is made using the highest quality woods and materials and built with meticulous attention to detail. 

Phil Secrist, Luthier

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